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The Western Nudist Research Library is an independent member-supported nonprofit incorporated in 2006, on the grounds of the Glen Eden Sun Club. Our mission is to catalogue, digitize, and preserve the history of nudism. 


Our collection includes books, magazines, newsletters, film, video, photographs, and artifacts, some dating back over 115 years.

Our volunteer staff is working to archive, catalogue, and digitize our collection for research into the history of the social nudism movement.

WNRL is member-supported. Help preserve nudist research and become a member today for just $25/year.



At WNRL, our first mission is to preserve materials that are related to the nudism movement. This includes treating the material with consideration and care, and protecting it from degradation and deterioration. Your support helps WNRL maintain state-of-the-art methods for climate control and protection against damage from UV light and humidity.


With thousands of physical issues of over 200 different magazine titles, plus generations of club documents, correspondence, brochures, newsletters and more, the effort to scan each of these items for digital preservation is ongoing. The ultimate way to preserve this history against physical deterioration is to save it digitally for all time.


WNRL has formed a consortium with the three other independent nudist libraries to share information, thereby increasing access for researchers. Our library holds a public access terminal through which you can view the consorted digital collections of WNRL and the American Nudist Research Library (ANRL) in Kissimmee, Florida.

Learn more about the Nudist Research Library Consortium.


Opened in 2006 on the grounds of Glen Eden, this important research facility marks the culmination of ten years of dreaming, planning, and dedicated labor, largely due to the efforts of several Glen Eden members, in particular Jeannette DeRosier, Richard Hirst, and Jim Zack.

The first of its kind on a regional level, the facility’s purpose is to serve as a centralized location for collecting, preserving, and displaying materials related to the origin and development of the American Social Nudist movement. As a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation licensed by the state of California, WNRL relies solely on financial support from its members.

Our collection features many signed books, first editions, and historic artifacts. We have complete collections of historic nudist magazines and periodicals such as The Bulletin, Nude & Natural, Sunshine & Health, and more. Our collection is the result of material donations from multiple benefactors, including Glen Eden, Ray & Mildred Connett, and Elysium Inc. We have the largest collection of western nudist club materials anywhere. 



President/CEO: Mark Pavelchak

Vice President:  John Sileski

Treasurer/CFO: Hermann Dreier

Director: Rolf Holbach

Director: Charles Ingham

Director: Evan Nix

Director: Judy Tomboc



The Western Nudist Research Library is a private library. It is open to WNRL members, Glen Eden members, and all others interested in social nudism. Non-members are invited to visit the library with an appointment. Visitors may be required to present proper identification upon first-time arrival.

If you are not a registered member or visitor of Glen Eden Sun Club, an advance appointment with a library escort is required.

Contact us for an appointment.